User Testimonials

Below you'll see just a small selection of HUNDREDS of testimonials we've received for the FREE XHeader software.

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"Congratulations! A great piece of software! I created the professional header I wanted in just minutes. Well done!"
Inara Hawley- Sydney, Australia

"XHeader is easier to use than a photo editing program. I was able to make a professional header in 1/10th the time it would have taken me in a regular photo editing software."
Jed McGinnis- Cortaro, US

"I think this is a great bit of software especially for those new to creating header graphics"
Nick- North London, UK

"I can't believe that XHeader is free, this program is an outright winner and will level the playing fields for people who had to pay over-the-top prices for their graphics."
Pete Nicho- Derby, UK

"A very easy way to make unique headers, that adds great functionality to the XSitePro toolkit."
David Pritchard- Loughborough, UK 

"Very nice, I like it, I don't see how anybody could complain especially as it is free, Thank you !!!!"
Shane Olsson- Crescent Head, Australia 

"There's no need for either a manual or a tutorial to use this intuitive, useful piece of software. Great job, Paul, and you can't beat the price!"
Dave Briggman- Keezletown, Virginia, United States 

"After buying XSitePro 2 I'm very happy to get new good stuff for free to help me build my web and learn a lot of new concepts. Thanks!"
Sandra Burela- Barcelona, Spain 

"I'm a newbie who has struggled with creating headers. This program makes the process very quick and incredibly easy. I can't wait to go back to a couple of my earlier sites and replace the crappy headers with professional looking ones using XHeader! On future sites that I build, no longer will I dread doing the headers. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product available to us for free!`"
Art Garmon- Jackson, USA 

"It works great, it's simple to use, and capable of handling all header design needs I'm likely to have."
Jack Hobbs- Sturgis, USA 

"Think is going to be a useful for all of us...  and little by little adding some extras could become a very important tool that can make us forget some expensive products for this kind of work...."
Crescencio Zarza- Gatineau, Quebec

"XHeader is a fast and easy way to create unique professional quality headers for any website. The built-in editor allows for modifications of existing header templates or enables you to create new headers from your own images. In addition, the quality and variety of header templates included is superb and the text editor offers several great options to make your text stand out. Truly a powerful new tool for all webmasters!"
Pauline Trabert- Milwaukee, USA  

"XHeader is a joke. It took me a long time to master complicated graphics software to make headers. Now any idiot can do it in seconds! I spent hours studying video tutorials, making notes etc. For what? I just opened your software and without needing to read anything, bashed out a header, without using any templates, in about 5 minutes. Why do you do it? Haven't we all got enough competition online? 10 year olds will be building sites now."
Rob Kierna- Brisbane, Australia

"Hi Paul, Another great tool to allow any marketer of any level to create a professional presence on the internet.  You and your team have always provided real value with every product you create.  Great Job with this one! I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!"
Carlo Leon Guerrero- Tamuning, United States

"Easy to use program and you can't beat the price"
Jeff Stone- Vernon Hills, USA

"Very few services really over-deliver... you did, Thanks"
Dave Linnane- Penacook, USA

"XHeader is a great compliment to the XSitePro family of resources. It definitely gives you many more options for creating a unique design."
Steve- Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Great blog header design tool!

"I am a graphic and web designer. I usually design my own headers and other graphics. But seeing XHeader and having a chance to use it for a few web sites, I have found it a very useful piece of software. Besides the thousand headers, I recommend it to anyone who would like an easy to use, very quick way to put flashy graphics up on web sites in minutes."
Michael J. Homan- New Oxford, USA

"Great product for the technically challenged and not just for headers! Banners and buttons of all sizes would be a snip!"
David Copley- Huddersfield, UK

"XHeader is a very well appreciate good timing for the design of the headers and web site can be used for the headers of newsletter, card case, in many other applications - not to mention the opportunity to network."
Raymond- Quebec, Canada

"As a web and graphic designer I usually create headers from scratch which can take some time.  This is  commodity I am short of but the need for a professional looking header can make or break a web page, so it has to look right even if it takes a while to achieve. XHeader removes this problem ... it is extremely effective and can ensure even a newbie can have a professional looking header on their site. Well done - an excellent program and it didn't cost a thing!"
Mark Waygood- Penygroes, Wales UK

"XHeader couldn't be any easier to use. If you use XSitePro and thought it couldn't get any better, well it just has! I only had XHeader for 5 minutes and have already created great looking headers, well done guys!"
Mark Austin- London, United Kingdom

"Excellent tool that makes creating and modifying headers a breeze. For non-graphic designers, XHeader is a lot quicker and easier to use than Photoshop"
Scotch Macaskill- Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

"The templates look great and with practice I am sure they will be used on my web page"
Doug Pyburn- Caerwent, Wales UK

"The best, non technical software for building your headers"
George Steiner- Concord, United States

"Perfect fit with XSitePro, will be a great tool in the website building process. I build lots of mini websites and been needing a header making tool. XHeader is perfect for the job. I have been using XSitePro and now XHeader for less than a year and have come a long way with this software.  Thanks Again"
Jack Pollard- Livingston, USA

"Awesome product. Simple and Fast. 97$ value given for free ! THANKS to u guys. Now you have probably gain few thousand of raving fans"
Armel Laminsi
- Paris, France

"This is easy peasy to use. Its benefits are wide spread. Use and finished product is first class.
Oliver Greene- London, UK

"This makes headers a piece of cake. Now I just have to find some creativity in me to catch up with XHeader!"
John- Brampton, Canada

"If you are a web site builder this is the program you have been waiting for. Build the headers you need to put the finishing touches to your web sites. It's so easy to use, and it's quick - if you don't get caught up trying out the many variations and choices available!"
Derek Reeve- Hampshire, UK 

"Thanks Paul for the great software. It is extremely logical and easy to use. The 1,000 headers are exceptional and are really interesting sub niche topics. I installed it on Vista Ultimate with no problems or extra settings and permissions needed."
Sharyn- Dunoon, Australia

"I quickly used it today. Recently I paid someone $60 to do a header for me - now I can just do it myself - great stuff - thanks Paul."
Sonia- Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

"Extremely uncluttered layout but very powerful, now my header program of choice. Also, since the size of the graphic can be altered over a wide range you are not restricted to just headers. And free too! How much better can it get?"
Roy Dence- Derby, UK

"An essential bolt-on - it really adds a big boost to creating graphic for XSitePro - thank you!
Jon Burnham- Richmond, United Kingdom

"Excellent work such simplicity and so powerful"
Bernie Spencer- Sydney, Australia

"Well done all, so much better than other products I've tried that have cost money!"
David Stone- Umberleigh, UK

"The graphics are top notch. I have a huge selection of header graphics that I've purchased in the past or received for free. Yours beat them all. Also trying to edit them in Photoshop can be frustrating. I love how you make it so simple...a caveman can do it."
Carol Moore- Lewisville, TX, USA

"I found XHeader to be extremely user friendly.  I have tried several header creators in the past and banners always came out looking like something a reasonably artistic 8 year old would create. My first banner from XHeader come out looking beautifully professional.  I was quite astonished at my I really was impressed with XHeader. Many thanks"
Sandy Du Plessis- Riyadh (temporarily), Saudi Arabia (temporarily)

"I wish XHeader had been around before I bought Fireworks and spent many long hours trying to figure out how to do the simplest thing.  For somebody like me who is not an HTML guru, XHeader will increase my productivity I am sure."
David Hodge- Aquitaine, France

"Great graphics, with an interface you'll get familiar with in moments."
Philip Graves- Cambridge, UK

"Great program Paul just like Xsitepro, easy to use with great results and its free. Appreciate it."
Herman- Johannesburg, South Africa

"I have put down all my other html editors FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Expression Web. XSitePro makes it all a breeze and still give me quality and I am just starting to touch the potential of the program."
Carlos A. Segarra- Roswell, GA, USA

"Just 2 days before I got your email, I was looking for a header free or paid for a real estate site I was building. Couldn't find what I needed. Then along came XHeader. Great Tool. Just what I needed."
Len- Colborne, Canada

"Very easy to use program. I didn't even need to read any of the manual. I just experimented and had a nice looking header in 10 minutes."
John Frankosky, Portland, Oregon, USA

"The ability for anyone to create great looking header graphics is the perfect compliment to XSitePro 2. When I say anyone I do mean ANYONE. It so simple it took me less than five minutes to create a great looking professional header graphic straight out the box so to speak. Something I could never of done previously as I find most graphic programs far too complicated. Paul has really delivered with XHeader."
Ian Jackson- Nottingham, United Kingdom

"I am new to XSitePro 2 and now an added and unexpected timely bonus - The simplicity of XHeader is incredible...thanks for the tutorials too!"
Steve Bagley- Castle Rock, USA

"I've got several sites that need a facelift and XHeader looks like just what the doctor ordered. In the past I've spent hours and sometimes days with my big name graphics program to get a good (questionably) header and my first attempt with XHeader yielded much better results in under 20 minutes. (I'm pretty fussy about the details) After watching the videos and playing (quite fun actually) with several of the templates, I'm very pleased with the results and looking forward to bigger and better improvements to my other websites. Especially now that I'm combining XSitePro with XHeader. Powerful combination."
Jim Alvord- Franklin, USA

"Headers don't have to be a roadblock to putting your site up. No need to fuss with .jpg size and quality any more. The jpg save feature displays not only file size but the full size header so you can see and easily decide on the right combination of loading speed and quality. Plus you always know what optimal loading size is and how it looks for a baseline."
Rebecca- USA

"Wow what a useful application and the fact that its free is quite astonishing. You've really pushed the free line here. This was an area that I used to have to outsource all the time, but with this tool I can now do the work myself. Excellent stuff, thanks heaps to the XSitePro team!"
Ian Harmon- St Helens, UK

"I think XHeader is the next big thing! It's so easy to use. It took me the most of 5 minutes to figure out how to work it and use it along with XSitePro 2, which makes it even sweeter. It is everything I ask for right now! You just made my website creation job a heck of a lot simpler. I can now produce headers that are simple yet sophisticated within minutes. Thank you so much for releasing this!"
Francis Heng- Burnaby, Canada

"For a Photoshop challenged person like me this is a great software, exactly what i needed."
Remco- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The easiest, most productive header software I have ever used. A child could use this software with five minutes of instruction. Creates professional headers in a few minutes. Beautiful headers with a minimum of design skills. I love it."
Bill Harbrecht- Bradenton, Florida, USA

"Really looking forward to getting deeper into the XHeader software. My initial tryout was fabulous. The tools were easy to use. What I see so far is terrific. Thanks Paul and all the guys at XSP for your great work!"
Anthony Hendriks- Victoria, Canada

"This software makes creating headers a breeze. This has been very well designed with clear easy-to-use functions. Now anybody can create a professional looking header. Well done Paul and thanks for letting me have it for free."
Brin May- Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

"Excellent product for the price (free). I have used other software, but this takes the cake, as it takes away the need to know the technical expects, as required to other software."
Sunny Kesh- Edison, Usa

"I guess it`s never been easier to create your own headers. Just watch the short video tutorial once (twice not needed) and you have become your own header creator. It just took me 10 minutes. I'm impressed what`s possible to do with this little tool. It will save me time and money. But most of all I decide myself how the headers for all of my sites are to look like. That`s really cool!"
Ola Eriksson- Vendelso, Sweden

"If you do anything to create online web pages then this package is an easy solution to make dynamic headers. I am a graphics person and know this is just as simple as it gets."
Kristy- USA

"Excellent tool. Easy and simple. You can make a header in minutes with little knowledge."
Santiago Navarro- Valencia, Spain

"Was so easy to use had my first header done within 5 minutes of installing"
Michael O'Sullivan- London, United Kingdom

"Fantastic addition to your fine line of products. Easy yet robust."
Eric- US

"A real good complement of XSitePro to build professional look site. Very easy to use, it make win a lots of time. Thank you"
Frederic- Pessac, France

"Paul, once again you've taken what used to be a technical hurdle (creating graphical headers), and created a way to allow anybody to do it. Thanks for the continual improvement of your products. I am hooked FOREVER. Thanks"
Jon Peck- Richboro, United States

"It's very intuitive and easy to use. I believe it will come in handy for many in terms of a quick solution to developing professional looking headers for their sites."
Richard Simyak- Beacon, USA

"Great peace of software to make headers fast and easy."
Victor- US

"Unbelievable value! Many thanks indeed."
Frank- UK

"XHeader is simply brilliant. Thank you for providing such useful and easy-to-use software which hardly requires a tutorial or manual."
Fred Bunzl- Geneva, Switzerland

"I think it is a great program. I have designed about 50 of my own headers already. It is really easy to use. I'll be putting up a new header on my site soon. Thanks!"
David Hawke- Chattanooga, USA

"This is the "missing link" which reinforces the credentials of the XSitePro 2 system as the easiest and most intuitive way, bar none, for newcomers and experienced designers alike to create professional quality websites. Most highly recommended!"
Frank Daranjo- London, UK

"Congratulations! I have been looking for a product such as this. I note that one of the Internet legends wants $200 for a product that is not nearly as good."
John Martin- Sydney, Australia

"Useful when doing website headers, functionally easy, works well with XSP and did I mention that it's free. Wow! Unheard of these days."
Scott- Viera, United States

"Wonderful job of work.  You can actually use it to make banners of all shapes and sizes - very fast, very simple. Thanks very much! XHeader has definitely made my life that much easier :)"
Dale Bulbrook- East Grinstead, United Kingdom

"I have been struggling with various graphics programs for quite a while to design headers for all the websites I create and administer. When I saw this tool, I was blown away! The starter collection of 1,000 header graphics provides a great starting point for ideas. The abilities to layer and to manipulate text, shapes and objects are excellent. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who is looking for a great all-in-one solution to creating header graphics for websites."
Bill Brine- Amherst, Canada

"Wow something for nothing that is rare, this makes me have far more confidence in you for future products and customer care very rare these days, even more so when its of real value like this is, thank you, you are a star among not so many."
Mal- US

"This is a simple to use software, and it does what it is supposed to. No glitches, no surprises, it is very simple and it even comes with video instruction. I like it, it would help me release better headers for my websites faster."
Nathan Romano- Mexico

"This is the best piece of graphics software I have been fortunate enough to come across. It is simple and easy to use and the results are quite simply outstanding. I have been able to use this software to update the headers of my two websites in minutes instead of spending hours wrestling with other specialist graphics software and getting nowhere. Thank you Paul for developing this great piece of graphics software."
Graham Winmill- Stourbridge, England

"I was amazed at the simplicity of use, and varied options available. There seems to be a banner for just about everything possibly needed!"
Lee Hillyard- Towcester, England

"I love XSitePro for the ease. XHeader is as simple as using a word processor. I created my own banner in under 5 minutes. Though the banners are "premade" you have the option to add text and personalize them. Great program!!!"
Audrey , Santa Barbara, USA

"I highly recommend XHeader to anyone, newbie or experienced to use in their web site design. The power of the headers will make your visitors want to stay and browse the rest of the site. I am no guru when it comes to design and XHeader combined with XSitePro 2 gives me everything I need at my finger tips."
Steve Tallamy- Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

"Very quick and easy to use and extremely helpful for those of us who can't afford a graphic designer."
Ken MacKenzie- Sydney, Australia

"XHeader is breathtakingly simple to use! Not only does it produce amazing banners with little effort, but the time needed to create your header can be little more than 5 mins! Well done and thank you for such an incredibly useful tool - just the very thing needed for so many of us who struggle to design effective Headers. 10/10!"
Simon Page- Blackpool, United Kingdom

"I love the product as well as XSitePro 2. It makes building websites easier."
David- Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

"Brilliant! Head and shoulders above anything else I've seen and wasted money on. For once, a program that's really user-friendly, too. Ideal for complete beginners to produce professional headers (and footers) without any difficulty! No previous knowledge of graphic design necessary! Thank you for the opportunity to use this. It's firmly placed in my arsenal of extra useful tools! This won't be gathering cyber-dust on my hard-drive!"
James Dowden- Henley, UK

"XHeader is great. It's easy to use, has neat features and helps with one of my biggest problems in creating websites -- Creating a header that is individualized, yet professional looking that works with XSitePro -- the only site creation tool I will use! And I've tried them all."
Marcia Ming- Carrboro, North Carolina, United States

"Well what can I say ..... Its brilliant.  Thanks for the opportunity to use it, it will help making headers so much easier."
Grahame- Knaresborough, England

"I asked a friend who is a programmer and web designer to help me improve the look of my XSitePro website, which he did (pre XHeader) and was so impressed with XSitePro that he plans to use it for his clients. He said the only criticism of XSitePro was the lack of a template design tool - Voila! A week later you sent the XHeader release email and it is a cool tool."
Peter Hool- Brighton, England

"Hi Paul, Thank you very much for the opportunity to try this XHeader program! I didn't even know how to use but just jumped right in and and within minutes generated 2 very nice headers which surpassed the one I made with another generator that was $127! Great work!"
Rick Macaulay- Welland, Canada

"I found this easy to use and quite feature rich. Was surprised this is free, and grabbed it instantly. For most of my sites I don't use graphic headers as I didn't want to learn how to make them. XHeader solved the problem, and I am work making my sites look better now. Thanks for the wonderful easy to use software."
Swaminathan- Kolkata, India

"This is one of the best Header programs I have seen. It is so easy and fun to use. Being free makes it even better. Well done on creating this excellent product."
Pravin Kapadia- London, United Kingdom

"I've been videoing marketing seminars, bootcamps and workshops for over 4 years here in Australia. I've NEVER seen anyone give away such value as Paul has. It must be the name :-)"
Paul Godden- Byron Bay, Australia

"It is a great tool and easy to use to create stylish new headers for my websites and online-projects. So the layout of my sites are more individual and XHeader gives me the opportuninty to create an eye-catching header that lets people stay on the site for a longer time to get more information about my product's or service. You did a great job. Thank you."
Oliver Beyersdorffer- Waiblingen, Germany

"XHeader is an excellent tool that really cuts down the time to create a professional looking header. Superb, the many templates. Very easy to use!  Another great software from Intellimon and the XSitePro developers. Heart-filled thank you very much!"
Andre Gauer- Truebbach, Switzerland

"It is getting XSitePro more and more to be a one stop answer to everything needed for our websites building, XHeader the best "addon" ever for XSitePro"
Steffan- Cournanel, France

"Excellent piece of software. I am able to make a header within 5 mnts. Amazing!"
Eswararamanan VR- India

"This program is so simple to use I had a header made in less than 5 minutes without even watching the video or reading the manual. IMHO XHeader is Simply the Best!"
Jeanne Dockins- Tucson, USA

"Simply the simplest program available for not only creating high quality headers but also any other form of .jpg that you may want to include on your sites. I have made a few professional looking image ads that are linked to a variety of affiliates from Amazon to ClickBank. If you are an affiliate marketer and create mini sites to promote products this program allows you to use graphics from the product you're promoting in the unique header that you create as well as image ads on the pages. Oh did I mention I love it. Works super with XSitePro, Wordpress & FrontPage"
James Dunn- Mullica Hill, USA

Great package. Simple to use. Making excellent headers for any website doesn't get much easier than this. Many thanks for this program courtesy of the XSitePro guys"
Graham Hall- Boston, UK

"You Da Man Paul and your Team Rocks!!!"
R.Lijkwan- Rotterdam, Netherlands

"XHeader delivers a wide range of different images and a easy-to-use interface. Without further instructions I was able to create a few headers that look extremely good. It was fun browsing through the headers and trying how well they'll fit into my pages. And i can state: the results are more than just benefiting. Overall i think it's a great piece of software and once again you showed that you deliver real value for free where others charge hundreds of dollars for their software. It pays to stick with you guys.
Sebastian Schertel- Bischberg-Trosdorf, Germany

"Paul, I had a look at the software and it's just what we need for creating header graphics. I'm not at the header stage in my current project but I can assure you I will be using XHeader very soon. The given headers have a real professional look. It's probable that I'll find XHeader useful for graphics other than header panels too. Thank you once again"
Rob Clancy- Robina, Australia

"I am amazed at the XHeader program. I can't believe I got it for free! I had a feeling it would be easy to use because of how easy XSitePro was to use and I was right! I didn't even see the tutorial and I made myself a header in 5 minutes! Thanks so much!"
Amy Sampson- Chicago, USA

"This is a wonderful addition to any webmaster's software arsenal"
Kieran- US

"Bl**dy excellent!  I don't normally get involved in praising new products, but this is an exception. Very good, especially for the non-artistic like myself. Loads of templates to choose from, I've used five already!"
Ewan- Chonburi, Thailand

"Paul and his team have done a great job again! We love using XSitePro and we really appreciate getting these add-ons. Keep up the great work!"
Sjoerd Eisma- Leiden, The Netherlands

"The XHeader software was the easiest to use header creation software I have encountered. The intuitive nature of the controls allowed me to pick up the fundamentals quickly. Thanks for great software."
Ken Davis- Midlothian, USA

It's a great product. Easy to use and some good graphics to go along with it."
Gerben van Dijk- Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

"They did it again, they made a great tool for the world, keep up the good work, looking forward to the future together with you guys."
Kim Boldig- Fuengirola, Spain

"The moment I started running XHeader, I told myself to delete all the hundreds of header graphics templates I have sitting on my harddisk."
Ronald Yip- Singapore

"I continue to be absolutely blown away by your commitment to your customers. You've exceeded my expectations in every encounter I've had with you and I've been your customer for about two years. Thank you!"
Tom O'Reilly- Chicago, USA

"Love it.  Just what I needed and it works so well with xsp2.  I can't believe I'm able to make such a good looking header!"
John Amorosso- Atlanta, USA

"An excellent and easy to use piece of software which complements XSitePro 2 perfectly. Now there is no excuse for not producing great looking websites!"
Stephen Burt- Colchester, England

"Like XSitePro great results made easy"
Neil Rischall- Brooklyn, USA

"Great Software Very Easy to use creates Headers that are great looking and easy to install on XSitePro Program. Well Done!"
Joseph Cettina- Ackensack, USA

"Paul, Thank you for giving away a piece of software you could easily charge for. In fact the collection of headers alone could easily sell for $99! I work with graphic designers, and it was fun to watch them flabbergasted by the speed with which they could create pro quality headers. XHeader is intuitive and has just the features people need without the usual complexity and bloat. If only all software was like this!"
Alex Poole- Norwich, UK

"XHeader is an extremely easy to use, yet powerful software, that anyone can master in seconds. It will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of creating eye-catching, professionally developed headers. The graphics are so well done, that people will be willing to pay you to create them for their sites. Others will think you've gone to school to learn how to design artwork of this caliber."
William Noel- Edmond, USA

"Hi Paul, As a fellow UK'er I suppose it took British intelligence to produce an uncluttered, frighteningly simple to operate piece of software well done. (tongue in cheek)"
Roger- Leicestershire, United Kingdom

"Very easy to use. I made a header that I am extremely happy with and my daughter who is a photoshop expert told me I did an excellent job as well.  High praise indeed!"
Susan Ormsby- Sydney, Australia

"Hello Paul, XHeader is very simple to use. If you are a newbie and can't afford to pay a designer to create your headers then this is for you. You just load the header graphic (lots in there to choose from) and add your own text, that's it! I highly recommend this product as the best from all the rest out there."
Edna Melendez- Carolina, PR

"XHeader is an incredible tool. The tool plus what comes with it, directions, help videos, headers to work with - just absolutely amazing! And - to have it for no price? WOW! Is all I can say! Just remember - nothing is free - everything comes with a cost, price and/or obligation. Your obligation here is to not be lazy - learn it (not hard at all!) and you will have some incredibly fine headers for your websites."
Jim Cook- Short Hills, NJ, USA

"An excellent free product! Easy to use and a real enhancement for website designers who don't need the complexity of paid products."
David Rothwell- Bracknell, UK

"Thank you very much for an amazing tool! In a few minutes I created a professional looking header and uploaded it to XSitePro. Keep up your good working!"
Liat- Tel- Aviv, Israel

"Wonderful Tool!!!  What can I say?  Too good to be true!!! Thank you for the header graphic tool - this was sorely needed as an addition to XSP. I use XSP every day to build and maintain my websites(100). Thanks a million!!!"
John B- Cebu City, Philippines

"XHeader is simply brilliant! It's totally easy to use and the perfect answer to one of the most pressing and perplexing issues for creating web pages. I can't believe that you actually gave it me for free! If you change your mind just let me know because you're not getting it back!"
Colin Green- Sydney, Australia

"Absolutely amazingly brilliant super program. As pleased as I already was with my purchase of XSitePro this program that you have given to me free has added to my appreciation of you and your team immensely. What I achieved after ten minutes with XHeader left me stunned. Thank you all so much."
Robert Jackman- Waterford, Ireland

"This effectively solves the problem of how to compose the most artistically demanding part of website creation. Bravo, Paul & team."
Bill Keidan- Perth, Australia

"WOW, that's all I can say! This replaces clumsy, costly programs with quick and easy header creation. And, best of all are all the pre-designed templates included. Everyone needs XHeader!"
Joel Weiner- Orlando, FL

"Got this today and it's just terrific!"
Robin Davies- Carmarthen, Wales, UK

"Great stuff! It takes me hours to make a header in Paintshop"
Dimitri Visch- Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

"Love it. I am very impressed! Under promise and over deliver, so missing from so much of business, especially online, today.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Eric Lundquist- Norwalk, United States

"Anything that makes web site design easier, quicker and more professional, has got to be a good thing. XHeader does all of these, and it's so easy to produce a quality header in just a few minutes.  Thanks Paul, I'd have happily paid $97 for this, but to get it free is incredible."
Phil Fox- Sheffield, U

"Excellent product for fast work"
M. Shah- Atlanta, USA

"Absolutely awesome! I am fairly proficient with Photoshop but XHeader will be so much faster and will do nearly everything I need."
Dave Cushion- Dewitt, USA

"Awesome - Haven't seen anything like it anywhere... you'd pay hundreds for what this does!"
David- Shelburne Falls, United States

"Great tool, quick and easy way to create a professional header. I love it!"
Karen Mueller- McHenry, IL, USA

"I'm a newbie to XSitePro, and webpage design. I'm astonished by the ease-of-use of your program and it's richness of features, features I've not found in any other program. You've got a winner here!"
John K Riordan- Hartland Michigan, USA

"It's perfect header tool for newbies or pros ! Very simple !!! No need to read manual or watch the tutorial video. Very pro ! I like it so much!"
Didier Bertrand- Plougoulm, France

"Fantastic, making header was never this easy before. This is really going to save me money as I normally get a designer to do my headers at $50 a time. Not now.  Well Done XSitePro"
Sean Usher- Yateley, UK

"Great value for money ! Worth $100 and its actually free! Another value for money product from Intellimon."
Brian Smith- Edinburgh, Scotland

"It is so easy to use and yet very powerful, I am very impressed to say the least. And then we have access to all those professional looking templates. Crispy, clean design and layout. Thanks Paul."
Neil Baulch- Berwick, Australia

"Excellent Tool - Fast, easy to use and produces quality results."
Hugh- The Hague, The Netherlands

"I was just about to commission 4 bespoke headers, all fairly costly. I've given XHeader a quick test drive and I'm certain you've just saved me a lot of money!"
Chris Greaves- Sheffield, England

"All I can say is WOW!  I could not have been a designer with out it.  Got my first header uploaded to my site in under 8 minutes.  Keep up the good work."
Tim Tanis- Holly Springs, United States

"Although some headers are more suited for users from USA, it is an excellent tool for every webdesigner especially (but not only) in combination with the XSitePro software. The headers are also a source of inspiration."
Paula van Dun- De Rips, Netherlands

"Well Done! This is truly the simplest Header program ever."
Shawn- Stetter, Canada

"I have been wanting a program that would create headers...and XHeader does it all...with ease! Wow!"
Sheri- Moundridge, USA

"I enjoyed using XHeader and was pleasantly surprised by the collection of 1000 header graphics. I can use Photoshop but this is so much easier."
Louise Deavin- Manchester, UK

"Paul, like XSitePro and the continued development you guys over deliver, again. Two words: FANTASTIC TOOL!  Thanks."
Holger- Cali, Colombia

"Paul and the team over at XSitePro are amazing. The value to cost for XSitePro 2 is just incredible. Now, coming out with XHeader for free is the definition of going "above and beyond". I have to say that I am completely satisfied and extremely happy with both XSitePro 2 and XHeader!"
Terry Gentry- New Franklin, USA

"Well, I just produced my first two headers in less than 10 minutes including one from scratch without a hitch! Amazingly intuitive. Well done to all at XSitePro."
John Owen- Nottingham, UK

"What I think about XHeader? I would like to share: This was "dot the i". No doubt - one word - SUPERB!"
Bjarne Lerfall- Norway

"Today I was truly blessed. Thank You. Thank You. This has been one of the largest missing pieces to web designing for the average person...and you have filled it.  FREE just made the blessing even better. Thank you! And may you continue to bless others.
Peggy Elrod- Youngsville, USA

"Sweet......! Thanks to XSitePro 2 and now XHeader all our requirements for building Web 2.0 sites have been met!"
Bob Ahlgren- Connecticut, USA

"Great software, so easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone! Within minutes I had produced two header graphics for projects I am currently working on. Thank you!!! I can't wait to spend more time with it!"
Leslie Post- Littleton CO, USA

"This is going to be an absolute life-saver for people who are unable to design headers and graphics for themselves. It is so simple to use, and even simpler to get those header design juices going with all the great templates available. I have used Photoshop for years, but nothing can beat the speed of XHeader: click, click, click and it's all done. I can't wait for a deluxe version!"
David Roberts- Black Diamond, USA

"After a short play I think this a brilliant tool. Having developed a number of websites creating headers that look professional is a real pain. This program will remove all that pain and the results are brilliant."
John Williams- Geeveston, Australia

"Excellent, thanks very much for this easy to use tool.  It will complement XSitePro 2 Perfectly! No excuse now for not having a great looking website! Thanks again "
Stephen Burt- Colchester, England

"This software is extremely easy to use. I created the perfect header for my website within 5 minutes the first time I used it and I'm a rookie with limited website building experience!"
Marilyn Dwyer- West Chazy, NY, USA

"I bought Corel just to do what XHeader does... this works seamlessly with XSitePro. You guys are the BEST!"
Steve Halldin- Holden, USA

"XHeader is a perfect match to XSitePro. I save a lot of time with this program to develop my website's header, compared with the software I'm using now. It's feature-rich and very easy to use. I love it!"
Volker- Nuremberg, Germany

"XHeader is the easiest software out there to create superb header graphics with no experience. I will be recommending it to all of my students. Well done"
Martin Butler- Lincoln, UK

"I have been using XSitePro and XSitePro 2 for over 1 year, and just when I thought things couldn't get better, you give me XHeader! This will save me time and money, big time. Congratulations Paul and Team."
Niall Guiney- Sydney, Australia

"For a free tool, I am amazed at how much you can do with this program. You have simplified some of the tasks normally only found in expensive graphics design programs.  I can see myself creating some very professional header graphics quickly and so easily with XHeader. There are enough options for text and graphics to make truly unique headers without them ending up looking 'homemade'!  This is definitely a keeper and will be added to my web design 'essentials toolbox'. Congrats on a great job with XHeader - (and I can't believe the extraordinary price!!)"
Sharon Fleming- Bundaberg, Australia

"Absolute Wonder Machine. This has solved so much of problems for me. I run the domain and web hosting business and I have to often give out the work of creating headers, since other softwares are expensive and who the hell has time to learn them. XHeader is absolute blessing for me. I can now save my money, instead of outsourcing, I can create the headers myself. Thank you Paul."
Emzi- Singapore


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