Nothing guarantees the failure of an online
business more than a badly designed web site.

Create Stunning Header Graphics, With This Free Header Graphic Tool, That Look Like They Were Produced By A Professional Designer - Guaranteed!

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if your site looks like it was put together by nursery school children, the chances of success are slim.

First impressions are so incredibly important.

How many times have you searched for something on Google, clicked on a link and ended up on a site that looked so bad that you immediately clicked on your back button to return to Google and find another site?

If you’re anything like me it will be quite often.

Here’s an example.

You choose ...

Which of the following web sites are you most likely to book a rental car from?

Example of a poor header graphic
Example of a professional quality header graphic

Even if the price was slightly less on the 'Cheapo Car Hire' site than on the 'Acme Rentals' site, the chances are you’d still go with Acme simply because their site oozes professionalism and the Cheapo Car Hire comes across as being a bit of a "fly-by-night".

The truth could be that Cheapo are by far the better company and that Acme are the fly-by-night, but first impressions count, and on first impressions there’d only be one winner.

If you’re still in any doubt about first impressions being crucial just think how much time and money book publishers take to come up with a book cover that is going to maximize sales.

Book publishers have learned every trick in the book for producing cover designs that will make even a bad book sell. They have learned the valuable lesson that it’s far easier to sell a bad book with a great cover than a great book with a bad cover.

Here’s an example of the same book, but with two different designs. Which one would you be most likely to buy?

Example of Good and Bad Book Cover Design


Exactly the same rules apply with web design.

There are so many benefits ...

Having a great header graphic on your site has so many benefits that you'd have to be crazy to use anything else.

Makes you look more professional
Increases your response rate
Increases confidence in your offering
Makes your site more memorable
Helps increase brand recognition
Communicates site topic in an instant

Until now, there were only two ways to get hold of a truly professional header graphic. Both of these methods required a major investment in either time or money, or both.

You could pay a professional designer to put something together. There are some terrific designers around who will be happy to create you a stunning header to use on your site, but to get the best from one of these designers you will need to invest a good amount of time putting together a good written brief as to exactly what you want. And of course, good graphic designers don't come cheap.

The second option is to purchase a high-end graphic design package such as Photoshop. Not only will this require a substantial investment to purchase the software (the retail price for Photoshop is currently $499), but unless you're an incredibly fast learner you're unlikely to be producing truly professional quality headers in months, let alone weeks or days.

Luckily there is a third way that requires a much, much smaller investment of both your hard earned cash and your precious time. It's a free header graphic design tool you'll soon be unable to live without!

XHeader Graphic Header Design Software
Introducing XHeader

XHeader lets you create amazing header graphics in minutes. And the really great thing is that you don’t need any previous knowledge of graphic design.

The package holds your hand every step of the way so that you end up with header graphics that you can be really proud of - something that stands out from the crowd and makes your site look every bit as good as the best sites on the Internet.

But it gets even better.

We’re so confident that XHeader will help you to create stunning headers that we’re giving away the software absolutely free of charge.

That’s right!

You don’t need to part with a single penny. Just click on the download link below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can download a fully working version of the software that you can get started with, right away.

XHeader comes with 50 built-in header styles, which will let you see for yourself just how easy it is to create professional header graphics in just minutes - and if you register your copy (it's free to register)...

It gets even BETTER STILL, because ...

Plenty of header styles to choose from!

If you like XHeader you can register it, and get the full XHeader version complete with an amazing 500 header styles... ABSOLUTELY FREE - there’s really nothing else like it available anywhere on the net!

XHeader Graphic Design Software

Download XHeader Header Design Software

Download XHeader right now and you'll be taking the first steps to creating stunning header graphics for all your web sites, that will help you to stand right out from the crowd.

 And don’t forget that list of benefits I mentioned above.

XHeader will:

Make your site look more professional
Help increase the response rate
Increase the confidence in your offering
Make your site more memorable
Increase brand recognition for your site
Communicate in an instant what your site is about

If you really want to succeed with your online business download this super, free header graphic design tool by clicking the button below, and you'll be taking a big step forward on the path to online success.  

XHeader Software Pack Shot

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Wishing you every success,

Paul Smithson