What makes XHeader better than similar packages?

XHeader was developed to solve a problem that many website owners have.

That is, to find a quick and easy way to create a professional header graphic for their website without the need to purchase expensive graphics software like Photoshop and to go through a long learning curve just for doing a few simple edits.

One of the requests that we heard again and again from our XSitePro customers was for something to help them design great header graphics to use with XSitePro.

XHeader is our response to those requests.

Here’s a short summary of what XHeader does.

The software contains a number of graphical header designs to choose from. These are all neatly categorized to make finding the right design really easy – and there many options to choose from.

When you have selected the header design you want to use you can add your own text, shapes, shadows, transparencies, additional graphics, etc.

Once you’re happy with your new header just click "Save JPG" and you will be presented with ten (10) different versions, each of a different quality and file size. Just pick the one that you feel is the best match between high quality and small file size - and that’s it!

And that's how XHeader helps you create great looking, professional quality headers, without having to master Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or some other complex (and expensive) graphics program.

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