Instructions for downloading your free Headers:
Downloading your free 500 Header Graphics Pack, for using with the XHeader design software, is simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below:
menuSTEP 1Right-click on the link below, and from the menu that appears, click the "Save Target As" option (pictured, right)
STEP 2: A window will appear, asking you where you would like to save the download file. Browse to, and select, the folder (on your hard-drive) to which you would like to save the installation file.
STEP 3: Make a note of where you are saving this installation file, in case you need to refer back later!
STEP 4: On selecting your download folder above, the download will commence.
STEP 5: When the file download completes, the download window will prompt you to either 'run' or 'close' the downloaded file (shown in the illustration below). You need to click the "RUN" button, circled below:


STEP 6: When you click "run" as shown above, you may see another screen pop-up, like the one shown below, asking for your permission to run the installation. This is perfectly normal, and you can click the "Run" button as circled, below:


STEP 7: When you click "run" as described above, the header pack installation program will run, and you will see a window like the one below. Simply click "INSTALL" to proceed.

Install Screen 2

STEP 8: The installation will now take place. When it has finished, you will see the screen below. Click the "Finish" button (as shown below) to complete the installation and re-load XHeader.
install screen
STEP 9: Now, when you access the header catalog, within the XHeader software, you will see hundreds more great quality Headers available for you to use...
Happy designing!