How to Bring Your Web Site or Blog Alive
with a Great Header Graphic

These days, there are literally tens of thousands of websites and blogs online. For consumers, this means that they have a choice in which websites they visit, which websites they frequent, and which websites they ultimately buy from or through. For you, this means that you have to differentiate your website from the hundreds, thousands, or even tens-of-thousands out there so that you can capture your share of the buying audience.

A simple, effective, and affordable way to differentiate your website or blog from your competition is by using a professional header graphic.

While there are a number of reasons why using a header graphic may benefit your website or blog, here are two of the most important:

1. They help your website to ‘stick out’

Today, competition is heavy online. For example, if you promote acne treatment products and you use Google as a measure of the levels of competition, there are at least 50,000 web pages online that target this specific audience. The same can be said for thousands of other markets -- people have a lot of choice when it comes to products and services that they’re looking for.

By using a header graphic, especially if it is professionally designed, it can help differentiate your website or blog from the thousands of others out there, and help to put a professional face on your offering.

2. They lend credibility to your website or blog

Just like the 'offline world', first impressions are exceedingly important online. The ‘vibe’ that your website or blog conveys could actually be considered more important than the product or service that you’re offering -- if people do not trust you, regardless of how good your product or service is, they won’t listen to what you have to say, let alone buy from you.

Credibility online is essential, and even more so when you’re running a for-profit business.

Header graphics, especially professionally designed graphics, can lend an air of credibility to what your website has to say, and ultimately to whatever it is that you’re offering through your website. Unfortunately, this is why some ‘scam’ websites do so well -- they understand the correlation between professional graphics and credibility. If less-than-ethical websites can capitalize on the credibility-building benefits of professional graphics, your legitimate product or service can certainly benefit as well.

Adding a header graphic to your website does not need to be difficult, or even expensive. With the right software, and a small time investment, you can set your website or blog apart from your competitors, and enjoy the credibility-lending benefits of a professional header graphic.