Are there any alternatives to XHeader?

You can choose to learn to use software like Photoshop, Fireworks or Paintshop Pro, and then eventually start creating your own header graphics.
However, these are very complex graphics packages and you will need to go through a long learning curve, which can be time consuming if you are just designing one header graphic.

XHeader takes away that learning curve and you will be able to create a professional header graphic in no time.

Oh, I almost forgot... These other packages are also very expensive.

There are other graphic tools which you can use some of which we have highlighted below, we believe our software to be the best but we thought we would let you decide.

Xara Extreme  

Try out the award-winning graphics software from Xara. Xara offers a graphics creation solution for all skill levels, from the template-based web graphics package Xara Webstyle, to the supremely fast illustration and photo composition tool Xara Xtreme. There's also a dead easy NavBar & Menu creator and a nifty 3D screensaver maker. What they all have in common is a user interface your granny could use, and top quality graphics output... and a great value price.
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Photo Pos Pro
Photo Pos Pro is for beginner and experienced users. Using the editor you can perform various tasks, from simple basic tasks to complex tasks; you can edit existing images, create new works based on existing images, create new works from scratch and more.

Smart Draw
Create great-looking business graphics of all kinds in minutes. This is a business graphic tool which allows you to create things such as flow charts, graphs, maps and more. Great for users with businesses.

The Logo Creator
If you need to create great looking logos quickly then The Logo Creator can help you do this. It has a great user interface and has many templates to choose from.

Cool Paint
Cool Paint is a painting software for drawing and image editing with more than 40 realistic painting tools and a vast picture gallery containing 1,000 pictures.


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